Ottawa Regatta 2017

Amazing effort from Whiplash for our first regatta in Ottawa!

-Top 27 placing out of 80 (division D – 3rd in 100m/200m, 4th in 500m)
-Only 5 practices

-All heart and a desire for more!

We continue to be that team in my eyes that really knows how to get serious when it’s race time and have fun on the side (with lots of food!). I’m proud that this team is always a fun group that looks to improve in paddling but also cares about building relationships too. We may not be the best team (though you guys finish 1st place in my books after every race) but I think setting good examples to others is important. So kudos to this team for just being the great ppl they are and leading by example for others. So great that we got on TV for (1:17 in)!!

Whiplash Dragon Boat Ottawa CTV

This is only Round 1 of our season as we have 3 more rounds to go! Let’s get back at it and get better every time! Let’s do it for ourselves and each other!
Because somebody is always watching…
Ottawa Radio Station